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Why Us?

Benifits of Attending

  • Get Close-up View of Unique Private Investment Opportunities in Early, Later-Stage, and Middle-Market Companies.
  • Network with Other Investment Professionals, Business Leaders, Top Venture Capitalists, and Successful Entrepreneurs.
  • Find Out What Other Angel Investors, Venture Firms, and Private Equity Funds are Looking for Today When Making New Investments.
  • Meet the Management of Undiscovered Companies with Breakthrough Technologies and Exciting New Business Ideas.
  • Save Valuable Time by Learning about Dynamic New Companies that Have Been Pre-Screened Especially for this Event.
  • Enjoy Being Part of a World-Class Event for the Investment Community

Benifits of Presenting

  • Increase Likelihood of Securing Capital Now.
  • Identify Issues that are Obstacles to Getting Funded.
  • Capitalize on the Prestige of Being Selected for the Event.
  • For a Change, Generate Serious Competition for your Deal.
  • Forge Relationships with Leading VCs, Angels & Private Investors.
  • Get Valuable Input from Partners of Foremost Investment Groups.
  • Save Substantial Time Finding and Reaching Qualified Investors.
  • Learn How your People Work and Communicate Under Pressure.
  • Introduce your Vision and Team to the Investment Community.
  • Find Possible Strategic Alliances or Recruitment Candidates.
  • Improve your Leverage with Investors for Better Deal Terms.
  • Locate New Investors and Partners to Build your Company.
  • A catalyst to Create Media Attention and Press Coverage.
  • Enjoy Ultra High-End Networking with Top Investors.
  • Broaden your Choices of Potential Capital Sources.
  • Excellent Presentation Training for Road Shows.
  • Develop Key Investment Banking Relationships.
  • Discover Acquisition or Merger Opportunities.
  • Set the Stage for Future Rounds of Funding.

Benefits for Investors

  • Meet the Management from Dynamic Companies Selected from Today’s Growing Business Sectors
  • Up to Thirty-five Funding Prospects in Companies with Proven New Technologies and Innovative Business Models
  • Opportunity to Talk to Principals from More than 150 of the Nation’s Leading Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms (Get a “fresh perspective” on the current economic situation from America’s top Investors.)An “Investor-Only” Venue, Not Populated with Service Providers.
  • A Unique Forum Bringing Together the Best in Business Innovation, Advanced Technology, Entrepreneurship and Capital Resources
  • The Best “Peer-to-Peer” Networking Venue in the United States
  • Our Famous Segment Offering Award-Winning Guests Wireless Laptop Computers, LCD Televisions and Gifts from Leading Stores Banquet Luncheon and Private Dinner/Reception w/“Live Jazz”
  • Opportunity to Participate in a World-Class Event for Members of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Community

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