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Hello Bryan, Just a quick note to thank you again for your hospitality yesterday (December 2nd, 2015) for me and my guest, who was very impressed with the meeting venue, organization and quality of content. It was one of the best line-ups I have seen in a while. Congratulations! Wishing you Happy Holidays and a rewarding, safe and healthy 2016.
Bryan, I attended your event last Wednesday (December 2nd, 2015) and was particularly impressed with the results of several of the companies that got their start at your forums. Those high market caps make any investor’s mouth water. Congratulations. I very much enjoyed all the presentations… Thanks again for inviting me to your very valuable and enjoyable programs.
The event was well put together (February 27th, 2014), very well attended and high quality presenting companies -- all of the things that you already know! Thank you for the including me and I look forward to participating going forward.
Great event! (March 1st, 2012) Thanks very much and we made what I believe will be several very important contacts. …… We’ll see you at the May 3rd event.
Hi Bryan: Thank you for including me in your event @ the Yale Club. I thoroughly enjoyed it and made several nice contacts. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you in person, but did have the pleasure of meeting your son. Hope the event was very successful for you!.
I want to thank you for your invitation to attend the PE meeting at the Yale Club last Wednesday (September 22nd, 2010). I had an excellent time, despite having to leave before dinner. I met several interesting people from both the investor and investee side of the equation. The forum was great and you are to be commended for putting together such a diverse set of entrepreneurs and investors..... The companies I found interesting and intriguing were Vampt and BikeStation. Note, I thought all the presenters did well, but these two are of particular interest.
Bryan, I wanted to thank you again, on behalf of my colleague, Robert Fechter and myself for your generous invitation to attend the event at the Yale Club. It proved to be a worthwhile opportunity to meet a number of talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and investors.
Bryan, It was a pleasure to meet you in person yesterday and I wanted to thank you again for extending the invitation for me to attend the event. I was very pleased with the caliber of attendees from all perspectives and this was certainly a first class event. I am looking forward to submit appropriate companies to attend or present at the March and future events. I will also speak highly of the event to other investors looking for quality deal flow as an event to attend and would like to as my schedule permits attend as many times going forward as I can.
Thank you for extending me an invitation to attend the Private Equity Year-End Forum ....... I enjoyed catching up with old friends and appreciated the opportunity to make new ones. I congratulate you on the quality level of presenting companies........we attended several events of similar design, and the companies were not as compelling or well established.......
Congratulations to everyone on a nice job. I enjoyed the event and meeting you all. Similar feedback from everyone during the reception. I trust many companies will accomplish their fund raising objective through the efforts of this event. I will plan to keep in contact with you and hope we can do some business together.
Bryan: Will register. The Yale Club meeting was excellent. I came prepared to be bored and kept the Times puzzle discretely under the table. Never got to it. Every presentation was good. Barry Berman of AgriPower has been a friend for 30 years, but we lost touch. My son's company in LA can use their generator, and if it all checks out, we could do a whole series of units in New England- a market we know well. May I complement you on the quality of the companies and your format. First rate.
Frankly, it was the best VC conference I've ever attended. The presenting companies were exceptional -- indeed, I'm investing in one of them...... The VCs attending were diverse and accessible, which made for great networking......I also liked the overall format. I commend you for effective time management..... Plenty of time to sign-in and network, followed by an excellent lunch, great talks, great presentations, with regular breaks for networking........
Thank you very much for the Saks gift certificate; it was a happy addition to an extremely informative and interesting conference. I would have counted the day well-spent before the guest drawing, but I much appreciate the prize. Congratulations on a well-organized and successful conference. I look forward to Private Equity IX. (Private Equity 2004 - National Venture Forum) Thanks again.
Thanks guys! I really enjoyed the conference.......... One of the few times I have seen full turnout for an entire day, especially in the past few years. Stay in touch and please keep me posted about potential investment opportunities.
It was a pleasure meeting you at Private Equity Forum this week, and I wanted to thank you for organizing such a productive and well-structured event. Everyone I spoke to also seemed to feel that it was a very valuable experience featuring some interesting prospects. I will certainly encourage our principals to attend in the future. We look forward to exploring business opportunities with you. Please don't hesitate to call with questions or ideas to discuss.
Bryan, I just wanted to say that the Private Equity forum was a great event. I was able to do some good networking and also saw some great companies. ............. I was interested in RPost, BioLink, and Self Guided Systems, all of which I will be looking into over the next couple of weeks. Please keep me in mind for future events. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.
Just a quick word to congratulate you on a very successful and informative Forum. The format is now remarkably efficient, and the selection of companies represent a broad array of quality opportunities. Job very well done! .......
PE 2003 was great! Your team did a great job!!! ............... I really enjoyed it and I made a number of great contacts. Also, everyone I spoke to praised the event highly. Please let me know what's a good time for us to talk about your next event. I look forward to talking to you soon!
Congratulations to everyone on a nice job. I enjoyed the event and meeting you all. Similar feedback from everyone during the reception. I trust many companies will accomplish their fund raising objective through the efforts of this event. I will plan to keep in contact with you and hope we can do some business together.