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Where definitions of the American Dream are concerned, having a simple and straightforward paradigm goes against the principles of this country. The United States is a vast and diverse nation with different peoples, cultures, religions, ethnicities and beliefs. We are not solely a country of capitalists, nor are we solely a society of socialists. We are not composed solely of liberals nor solely of conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. The sole factor which ties Americans together is our diversity ( AustralianWritings, 2017). Therefore defining the American Dream as “starting a family and creating a business” or “making a living for yourself” is incorrect because this does not account for the difference and diversity of the American people.
Sample Portfolio Companies
Dow Chemical Various
Mentor Capital Partners Various
Access International Capital Various
AMT Capital, LTD. Ancore Corporation, Basic Precast, Inc., Caltek Corporation, Del Norte Technology Inc., Drug Delivery Systems, Emerald Pharmaceuticals LP, Harmonics Inc., ImageLinks Inc., InterCorr International, Jentex Corporation, Mass Sensors, Inc., Micropore, Inc., Oncologics, Inc., Ormet Circuits, Inc., Peratech Ltd., Photodigm, Plant Cell Technologies, Inc., Precision Farming Enterprises, Inc., Thermal Remediation Services Inc.,Thunderbird Technologies, Inc.
Andlinger & Co. Various
AWT Private Investments Various
BASF Venture Capital Various
BDC Venture Capital Vaperma Inc.
Blackhawk Partners, Inc. Earth Biofuels, Inc., Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
Blue 9 Capital
Broadline Principle Capital Various
Brock Capital Various
Brooks, Houghton & Co. Various
Clean Energy Capital
CMEA Capital Draths Corporation, Inventure Chemical, Odyssey
Conduit Ventures Limited Amminex A/S, Cellex Power Products Inc, CMR Fuel Cells Plc, Controlled Power Technologies Inc, Heliocentris, Hydrexia Pty Ltd., Nano Fusion Technologies Inc, Pemeas, PolyFuel, Protonex Corporation, Smart Fuel Cell AG
Criterion Capital Various
Cycle Capital Various
Delaware Innovation Fund Various
Endeavor Capital Various
GE Commercial Finance Various
Global Emerging Markets Fire-Trol Holdings, LLC
Global Technology Investments Glori Oil
Green Power Funding Various
Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners Various
Hinduja Group Various
IllinoisVentures INI Power Systems, Phoenix Coal, Tetravitae Biosciences
Innovation Ventures Various
KCGI, LLC Various
Keiretsu Forum Various
Launch Funding Network Various
Nenko Advisors International Various
NYCEDC Various
New Mountain Capital Various
New York City Investment Fund Various
Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures Various
Pennell Venture Partners WAM Systems
Quorum CCR Technologies Inc.
RCC Ventures Various
Riner Group Various
Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH Various
Safeguard Scientifics Various
Tancho Innovation Capital Biox Corp.
Terrapin Partners Various
Tondu Capital Various
Tri-River Capital Various
Tri State Private Investors Network Various
Westrock Venture Group Various